JUMBO Penis Envy Dried Mushroom


The majority of the experienced psychonauts seek the Penis Envy mushroom due to its high Psilocybin and psilocin level. The Penis Envy mushroom is believed to have been created by Steve Pollock, a famous mycologist, from a unique Amazonian mutation isolated by Terrance McKenna. Penis Envy mushrooms are named after the organ they resemble as they have a thick shaft with bulbous heads that don’t open too far.The Penis Envy mushroom delivers strong effects on the body due to the high composition of Psilocybin. This shroom offers a wholesome experience, making you feel euphoric, energized and focused on the auditory and visual perceptions associated with the trip. With your moods uplifted, you will begin to feel your woes and stresses fading. Penis Envy mushroom is not recommended for beginners due to its potent effects. Penis Envy is mostly used for its stress, anxiety and depression relief.